Thursday, June 14, 2012


Final exam tomorrow! So excited.. then my hairs going to be dyed in a way it never has been before
Autumn colours
Chemistry was a little easier than expected :)
No idea where this came from, but i love it
I wonder what the strangest thing is that's been worn to an exam...
There's been people in pajamas in lectures

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy Day

Study technique: Turn all the lights out except your desk lamp. Even if you feel like you're sitting in a cave at 1pm, it focuses your attention on what the light IS shining on. Thanks Wong!

Ever since open day when it froze and rained and soaked us because Caitlin visited, it hasn't warmed up. Drinking hot drinks and the occasional noodles when they don't give us enough food and seconds time is years away, I even went and bought fruit to try feel healthier. The mandarins were amazing. I've tried to learn how to row and really didn't like it.. i wasn't very good at all, of course if i practiced i could get better at it.. but i really didn't like it, I was scared we would tip. It's just not for me :) Also learnt a little while ago to surf with Hayward, we got lessons for free and it was really fun, I managed to stand up on the board which is something i genuinely thought i'd never do. 
My heater keeps leaking on my bed and now it burned me when i touched it

A singer I like at the moment: Casey Abrams, 19 year old. Sweetest person ever with some sort of crazy talent that you don't expect. He even sang with Jack Black, and the judges used their idol save on him - have a flick through, not to everyone's taste

The only audition i've ever enjoyed watching:
'Georgia on my mind'. You have to wait for it:
Casey little thing called love:

I've been taking some photos to show what it's like at the moment, though no photos have yet/will ever be taken of myself dressed in fat pant, puffer jacket, fluffy hat, huge slippers with a mug of lemon and honey, which has been my classic take on girl-is-sick-and-has-exams-so-looking-nice-really-is-bullshit

Portrait made at the airport of Nirrimi

From Judge
The last image is me today, that's my chemistry exam that i got to take home.. one huge pile of joy right there..

Time for Physics now

Monday, June 11, 2012

Doing and not doing things i want to

My first year at Uni, it's being a big one and small at the same time
In the middle of exams at the moment so have been confined to my room in comfy ugly clothes
These are big exams for me, never worked so hard for anything ever potentially? But i cannot focus on chemistry at the moment so i took a break to do something different.. blog.
I have been watching how i met your mother has been a little bit overwhelming lately and if i start, i can't stop watching till about 1am and i am no night owl.
I am a first year health sciences student. Lovely..
I wish i could draw more than i do, the only chance I've had was on the plane home and i didn't finish it, but it was fun

Then i drew a cartoon jaguar for Judge.

When i go home i plan to make slutty brownies ,sit in front of my fireplace with my cats, see my family who i miss at the moment.. they have been sending care packages too, catch up with Caitlin (with slutty brownies) and sleep. All of course after a week of skiing in Queenstown with Max and Kate which will be pretty fun, i miss the thrill of going as fast as you can down a slope, although my calves are happy being free of bruises! Apart from those two weeks of escape, life does seem a little on a set track at the moment.. so i'll have to see what i can do to rough it up a little. if i can't then it'll be: Try to pass ---> work over summer ---> study physiotheraphy ----> physiotherapist ----> work and work and work We'll see about that.