Monday, June 11, 2012

Doing and not doing things i want to

My first year at Uni, it's being a big one and small at the same time
In the middle of exams at the moment so have been confined to my room in comfy ugly clothes
These are big exams for me, never worked so hard for anything ever potentially? But i cannot focus on chemistry at the moment so i took a break to do something different.. blog.
I have been watching how i met your mother has been a little bit overwhelming lately and if i start, i can't stop watching till about 1am and i am no night owl.
I am a first year health sciences student. Lovely..
I wish i could draw more than i do, the only chance I've had was on the plane home and i didn't finish it, but it was fun

Then i drew a cartoon jaguar for Judge.

When i go home i plan to make slutty brownies ,sit in front of my fireplace with my cats, see my family who i miss at the moment.. they have been sending care packages too, catch up with Caitlin (with slutty brownies) and sleep. All of course after a week of skiing in Queenstown with Max and Kate which will be pretty fun, i miss the thrill of going as fast as you can down a slope, although my calves are happy being free of bruises! Apart from those two weeks of escape, life does seem a little on a set track at the moment.. so i'll have to see what i can do to rough it up a little. if i can't then it'll be: Try to pass ---> work over summer ---> study physiotheraphy ----> physiotherapist ----> work and work and work We'll see about that.

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