Monday, January 30, 2012


It was the time of Jack Foster's birthday party on Saturday the 28th, an event that is officially called Jackmas by all who know him.

We swam in the sea at midnight and a wave came racing up the beach and hit our things, so basically just my towel was wet. We thought Alex's jumper had been stolen by the sea but it was discovered that Mullet was using it as a towel but hadn't noticed it wasn't a towel..and that no, we hadn't scored an extra towel from no-where.
Met Dylan properly before he raced off after Olivia, he was the one who had sent me tricky texts off Alex's phone at their cocktail party asking me out, but i hadn't given them the expected 'interesting' text back because i had just woken up and was confused. Along with more people: Kirsty, Mishayla, Raydon (SO CHARLIE?)... along with his boss? Lucky to be working at such places where you can bring your boss to your 18th.

Kate and Jack FINALLY ARE OFFICIAL. He took her on a walk with the not-dog (extremely feminine not dog who is very small, has a palm tree for a tail and could a larger than a handbag dog. Jack also spent about 1 hour in the past 4 days with his dog, and had dripped egg in its hair which was still there even after we watched him scrub his dog with a scourer, poor thing.) ANYWAY.... to the beach and asked her out there, which is awesome and i would love to rave about it but i wasn't creepily there and so .... yes, sounds cute and awesome to me. Hat guessed the following day, and Caitlin guessed and called me over to inform me... then suddenly everyone knew :D
How nice

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