Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE and off to Tasmania now!

New years eve was strange
But there's little chance my mother would ever find this, so i may as well type it down to get it out of my head, as it was a great and yet embarrassing night. Also, It seems some people (dear Kate) found out some awkward things about myself. More embarrassment was to be had last night though; the count down to midnight to welcome in the new year was exciting, and I was caught up in the joy of the moment, the hugging and excited shouts of us intoxicated teenagers. Kate didn't want to be the sad one doing her pancake shots alone and asked me to join her for six. I forgot (no clue how) that i am not impervious to alcohol and wasn't too phased by the idea of doing six in the remaining 5 minutes, we did them in less, but i hadn't taken into account that hers weren't straight like mine.
It was the second worst idea all night, and caused bad, bad things.

On a side note, i DO like hearing lord of the rings hobbits in the background

Three hours passed in a blur. I've never forgotten things before but I've lost the details which are my favourite part of any party: the calls made, the quirks, how Tom was mumbling to himself all night and no one understood him because he was drunk so quickly and all that could be made out was FUCK.

my cat is squeaking in her sleep, it's one of the cutest noises of my life

I feel that's all of my night that needs to be told, managed to have my most awkward moment in my sleep at that. Once i felt able to eat today i ate all my favourite things that we have available in my house... Pizza left over from last night, then tomato cheesy pasta and then Mi gorang after dinner :) FATTEH

I'll be leaving for Tasmania tomorrow with Kate, Caitlin, AJ and Laura for a 'Venture' with 23 New Zealanders and... a good 1,500 Australians. Tiny bit out numbered? Yes. But then, apparently our accent is cute so maybe that could be a good thing!

Lost my camera last night :'( /it got stolen by one the the strange girls there who turned up after midnight - shady sort. I'm going to be in so much trouble if my parents find out, I've had it for like a week and it was meant for this trip so i didn't have to bring my huge camera with me. So now a game of deceit begins using Kate's camera to help me out, even though she will be sailing and i will be on extreme adventure for the first 4 days...... life is sad.  I really really hope they find it, the person who spread by things across the room someone in the period of 3am-7am gives it back.
My talking is done now, picture time (this is what I've been doing all day while packing)

 Kate, how about these for add in extensions, a bit mightier than your blues :)
 Life would be so sweet...

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