Saturday, December 24, 2011


Sunny beautiful weather, my shoulders are burning a bit but still golden brown currently, dad wants to go to the beach now and swim off the coast.

Saw dear Hat yesterday with Alex and it was great, she even has some hair now, AND she gets out of hospital for today and tomorrow which is brilliant because she looks pretty good at the moment with an impressive scar on her leg. She gave me yummy body shop things canteen had brought her but she didn't want, which was lovely of her :] Introduced Oaks to Alex which I think he enjoyed a lot, that wonderful flavour-packed punch of Asian cuisine. She is still such a sweetie making all her cheeky little comments, and Kate, she does agree that he looks like Maxxie from skins.

Off to the Princess Bay in a second, dad's VERY keen! He's been trying to make up lots of little summer jobs for me to do as he knows I have very little money at the moment that isn't being saved in the bank.

Home again... it was hot at the beach and the water was icy, so a midway point was hard to find. Pictures!
Not that beaches aren't hard to find and photograph, but I just don't care because they're pretty...
Princess Bay on Christmas Eve with Cloudy apple juice
and a passion-fruit ice-block
Listening to Kimbra at the moment.. a New Zealand artist, I always enjoy it if an artist sounds good live as well as recorded.
CHRISTMAS TOMORROW, then on the 2nd of January off to Tasmania

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