Thursday, December 8, 2011

Start of Summer, doing summery things

Summer is beginning and everyone's free now
Study was a bit rough, trapped at home for a couple of weeks straight studying the sciences and stats. Milkshakes came in thanks to mum buying strawberries all the time, any of them that looked too 'interesting' to eat with icecream or by themselves Favourite recipe so far?

A kiwifruit or two
Table spoon of yogurt
Table spoon of honey

I would have a smoothie outside in the sun with my chemistry notes :)except the sun moved really quickly over my spot in the afternoon. The sun was pretty bring off my notes even with sunglasses so not much really sank in outside, i do my best study in the evening when there's no sun

Have been listening to Charlie McDonald's band Camelian Circuit online, which he has allowed people to listen to for free here:
It's Dr who themed, which i enjoy the references to as i live in a Dr Who watching family, the current actor for the doctor gave it a listen and thought it was pretty good. As well as it being preformed by a group of young,attractive British guys.

Me, Kate and Max have been planning things for life at Hayward for a long time time We will be setting off for Otago university early next year, they are taking a combination of law and commerce/politics which sounds fascinating.., and i will be taking the well known First Year Health Sciences course heading off for (probably) physiotherapy. We have decided to all start a blog to remember it! So everything we experience and all sorts of photos will go here for people we leave behind at home to see if they would like to. I will have to see what i can fit in around my course though, i really have very little time
So here goes... the beginning of a blank page

Just finished 13 years of school and all the silly NCEA that i'm pretty sure i will straight merit in for endorsements for all three years of it. Kate's very good at eco so i'm hoping for her that she gets endorsed with excellence, it's highly likely with her skills...

Why is this called To the moon and back? Because everything is so going to change and it will be so new, just feeling a bit curious and excited about it. The moon is beautiful and one of my favourite things in the sky. The kind of feeling i have about the coming year is similar to the the feeling i get when i am out a long way from the city, probably with Venturers, and you look up at night and can see absolutely everything and it Isn't faded out by the orange city lights. Awe-inspired, excited, and curious.
I've been playing with make-up today, because sometimes its fun to dress up once in a while even if there's no real reason. I had Mac blue-brown pigment arrive in the post a few weeks ago and here's my play :)

its brown and blue at the same time, which is pretty
Mira, one of my cats, stuck close to me while i was studying even if it wasn't always very helpful of her. I'll miss her next year

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