Friday, December 16, 2011


I have had my hair dyed dark 'burgundy' by Caitlin, I like it
It's really really dark, though it will probably lighten
Change is good

there were kittens at Bryce's, they were the smallest animals I've held except mice, it was sweet as anything
Here is a mouse in a cup:
the kittens were about this small, unbalanced, curious about shoes and squeaky. One was really feisty too
They were about this big
Went to a party last night, was pretty good and there were fairy lights up
My lights are flickering at the moment, weird
Anyway, It was pretty chill and it was raining so we stayed mostly inside

Should be doing present swap with Kate tomorrow as she is going away to Thames on Sunday so that's pretty exciting, am very very very very very tired at the moment so I'm just mumbling away waiting for Julia's chocolate sauce pudding she's making at the moment before I sleep. Such a useless holiday I'm having :) but then.. it doesn't have to be! Almost fell asleep on the train today
To do list is DRIVERS LICENSE (I did it)

Here's another pretty picture of my fairy lights <3 bye guys

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