Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goodbye, but what's next?

Should have known that the biggest event of the entire year would be the one where i was figuring out how to stick on the party feet gels in the car, and then after that that they have a peel off side and are stick on so my feet shouldn't slide. Forgot my pearl drop necklace which was grrreeeaaaatttt having gotten sore feet in the search for it, Alex was a babe and a half in his suit and was even better at being formal that i was, as i wasn't particularly concerned and still wasn't worried until the walked down the stairs came






Yeah, that's my heartbeat being like... oh you, you nutter, having your dress too long for your heels, congrats... *front of line* oh... WHY. WHAT THE. SARAH! DON'T YOU DARE GET THE REVERENDS NAME WRONG. OH NO, BISHOP, NOT THAT, WHICH IS IT? TIM OR TOM?
Then i realised i wasn't really all that fussed and just strode my way over that stage in my huge platforms (fuck yeah, was so tall)
Useless story in all. So I'll distract you with the only picture dad took of me :)
Never had my hair curled before so i did some selfies as I guessed dad would forget his camera, such pretty like hair
There we have it, my first time of being 'done up' and it was very... different
So ball stories? The food was amazing, Organised with Angus for suit lazer force which might be entertaining.. lazer force in suits. The dress and weird stick on bra gave me pointy boob syndrome and it kept slipping down which was sad, Alex made a point that it was as distracting as if he were hoisting up his pants constantly :p They played 'old people songs' which was fun and meant more of the parents and grandparents were dancing than us, there was a legendary granddad who was doing some sort of a jig.

It's strange being on holiday, having so much free time - last night I spent 4 hours taking up a dress
It's a beautiful one too, and eating blueberries

It's cloudy and will be for the next two weeks apparently, me and Alex put up my Christmas tree the other day, that was fun! Getting into the Christmas cheer. I wish I could find more Christmas lights, they make me so happy. When I live in a flat with Kate I hope we can decorate it like mad, with paper snowflakes, fairy lights and such.

Lots of photos today, I know.... but.... that's just how it is
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