Saturday, September 1, 2012

wake up your mind

I am quite ready for the uni year to end... so i can go to Melbourne, the beach, picnics, see friends, escape from the hostel (as i'm not really the 24-7 social type) and the food at home is so much more wonderful (at least i can appreciate that now). There will be sunshine, tanned legs, Gelato, painting and maybe even a job.
Today at Nathan's we planned a tiny picnic to catch up with some more friends, we are making chicken and then spinach & feta filo parcels: exciting to cook again! Then i came home to bake berry brownies with mum.  Tomorrow should be good especially with Jordy and Andrew's flat warming to follow

Upcoming things i have are finding a flat, art exhibition, biochemistry and epidemiology tests, BETs, GLMs, applying for my next year course, course interviews, and then final exams. Oh dear...

I have been painting and it's finished:

This is 'Mother' done in fine ink and gouache
The main idea behind it is a feeling of comfort and a mix from both ones mother and mother nature...

Following a suggestion from a friend i think any next pieces i attempt will be based on an individual, with one main factor to look at and explore rather than a collective made of pieces.
Some interesting artists at the moment are
and then some stand alones:
Kitty Gallannaugh, a wonderful photographer 
Greta Tuckute
Style stalker


  1. That is wonderful:) It includes so many of my favorite things.
    And I really love the collection of pictures you posted as well!

  2. That's one lovely painting. Post more!